27 Aralık 2012 Perşembe

How I Lost Jens Lekman's Heart and Threw My Life Away to Feed the Seagulls

This is the story of a lonely girl
Who lived in a world of pretty little things that wasn't hers
She lived among daisies and mockingbirds
She watched constellations on a summer's night
From the window of her room on the basement floor
As they seemed so far away
As far as her pretty little dreams
She dipped cookies in her tea 
As cookies sank, down sank her dreams into the sea
She wanted to be beautiful
She wanted to be wanted 
In a circus to travel across Europe
As she sipped her tea in her sleeping robe
She wanted someone's heart to call herself human
She wanted to go pet the cats and watch the birds with him
Then one day as days went by
She found a heart on the street
She thought someone must have lost it
She tried it on, she tried to fit in
His heart was too big
Sad as she was she tore it into pieces
And fed it to the seagulls on a midday ferry trip
Since that day the seagulls were part bird, part man
But they never felt like they were whole again

22 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

I'm the eye that sees
I'm the one who cares
I'm the heart that aches

9 Aralık 2012 Pazar

"It was the wrong book at the wrong time, one of those beautiful things you miss because it found you before you needed it."

1 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

When hope fails you
Do not shed a tear
There is a world
Beyond the rainbow

When you cry yourself to sleep
Remember me
I never knew the green fields

When it all falls apart
It will all fall into place
There is life after death
For you and me
We don't belong here

Our hands are made to build
Bigger loves, bigger things
You and I will save this world
For the rainy day and after

We can sail across the seas
We can walk on the water
We can take a look and come back
From the heavens, from the hell

We will do impossible things
Because we always knew
You and I were the natives
Of a lost city
Of a dead language

Little junebug,
You shouldn't be here
Little junebug,
You were made free
Little junebug,
You can't stay with me
Little junebug,
You've got a place to be

Little junebug,
Wish you could stay
Little junebug,
If you stay you'll fade
Little junebug,
I'll hear from you
Little junebug,
You've gotta do what you've gotta do

Little junebug,
My heart beats where you live
Little junebug,
You don't belong in here
Little junebug,
I'll let you go
Little junebug,
Please do me so.

Little junebug,
You are all so pretty
Little junebug,
You'll be fine without me
Little junebug,
You'll survive
Little junebug,
Until next time...

26 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

     There is always someone who loves me 
     Somewhere in this crazy world
     This somewhere is not here
     Dear world, don't get me wrong
     I'm not an ungrateful girl
     I just wanted to be loved 
     Like daisies on a winter day

     It would be so brave to ask someone
     Someone to come change my life
     It would be so brave I could not dare.

22 Kasım 2012 Perşembe

          When he tells me a story
          There is no worry
          No need to hurry
          It's like a story
          From places far away
          I would listen
          As stars glisten
          Like cherry blossoms
          On a blue summer dress
          On our own Milky Way
          There is a scent
          Of yet to be discovered land
          A land of unknown fruits
          Of gents and brutes
          Of colors and shades
          As he stares
          Into my eyes I deny
          My very existence
          In ignorance and bliss

          I had never known why
          I always wanted to leave
          Leave to be anywhere
          Sail to the unknown
          While unknown was scary
          Scarier was to be here
          With me and no one else
          If it'd mean to stay
          As I watch him leave
          To the land of strange names
          No one ever heard or uttered
          My heart would shrink and shudder
          If I see him with another
          But with me and no one else
          I'd rather let ships sink
          Mark his name with my ink
          And let the unknown take the lead

4 Kasım 2012 Pazar

Erkek arkadaşımın en sevdiği şiiri Türkçeleştirdim. Can Yücel usulü. Hangi şiir olduğunu tahmin edebilir misiniz?

Pırlanta hep parlamaz,
Kayıp değil her seyyah,
Ulu çınar devrilmez,
Bakidir eski olan.

Yangının küllerinden,
Yeni bir gün doğacak.
Kör kılıç onanacak,
Taç giyecek hak eden.

Bu da non-contextual çeviri ama suçlu bir zevk de olsa, ben bu versiyonunu daha çok seviyorum:

Pırlanta hep parlamaz,
Kayıp değil her seyyah,
Ulu çınar devrilmez,
Roma yanmaz bir günde.

Yangının küllerinden,
Yeni bir gün doğacak.
Bilenecek kör bıçak,
Sezar’ın hakkı Sezar’a.

23 Ağustos 2012 Perşembe

The Second Day of The Vegan Attempt

Hello there.
Today was my second day as a vegan. It's not as diffucult as it seems I could say. Plus it keeps me from diving into a pool of junk food and all kinds of rubbish that you can't even call food. Well, though I have to admit that I had to make a small exception today. I, being vegan is pretty much the same as Sam fasting. Some things cannot be compromised. Such as gummy bears and jelly beans. They are made from gelatine, so they have animal origin. They are not Halal for a vegan diet, but I ate a few of them today. Not too many, but still, I broke the law.

The breakfast today was almost the same as yesterday, salad and bread. I woke up very late today, so I did not have lunch. As for dinner, I made boiled bean salad, something we call "piyaz". It's a Turkish dish, probably of Greek origin, but let's say it's Turkish. It is very filling, thanks to the beans and very light and easy to make, perfect for hot summer evenings.


1 can of white beans
1 large or middle sized tomato
1 cucumber, or half of it if it's huge like those we had in Belgium. lol
Half an onion
Parsley, as much as you'd like
A few drops of lemon juice
Hot peppers, if you like it. I don't add that.
EVOO (Extra-virgin olive oil :) )

Drain the beans and wash thoroughly. I read that the water they come inside is not very good for health. Cut the tomato and cucumber in similar size with the beans you have. Slice the onion so that you have semicircular slices.

We will use a Turkish trick on the onions. Once you slice them, mix them with salt and press them with the bottom of a glass. They will get softened and leave a bit of their juice. Then wash them and drain them.This will let them have a milder taste and they won't smell as much nor will give you heartburn.

Cop the parsley and mix them all in a large bowl. Add the seasoning as you wish and serve. Bon appetit.


Ich will leben, Cahit. Ich will leben, ich will tanzen, ich will ficken. Und nicht nur mit einem Typen.

Gegen Die Wand/Duvara Karşı filminden.

22 Ağustos 2012 Çarşamba

The First Day of My Vegan Diet

Hello guys,

I switched to English for this post, because I want this to be above nations. Anyway. I saw a post yesterday about the mass production factories of dairy, and it was painful to read about how animals are treated in such places, not to mention they are slaughtered once they are of no use anymore. It gave me an idea. The idea that I can change. At least, I could try to change.

So I decided to give myself a 3-day vegan treatment. I'll follow a vegan diet for 3 days. If I can do that for 3 days, then I'll go for 7 days.
I hope to go on for a year, with smaller goals at first.

3 days>7 days>2 weeks>1 month>3 months>6 months>1 year

I thought it would be harder, but the more I read and learn about it the easier it gets to find vegan food in the markets and out.

My breakfast today consisted of salad with olive oil, non-dairy bread and watermelon.
Lunch was juice, ice tea and some crackers I found at the discount market.
And I cooked some awesome spaghetti with vegetables and nuts for dinner.

It's very hard to type long texts here on my iPod, but I would like to share my recipe with you, just in case there are people out there looking for vegan recipes on the interwebz.

Vegan Spaghetti with Vegetable&Peanut Sauce

2 Red Peppers(not hot, just red)
1 Eggplant
1 Tomato
1/4 of a small Cabbage
5 Pieces of Garlic
Half an onion
1 Teaspoon of Sugar
Soy Sauce

Barilla<3 br="br" spaghetti="spaghetti">
Boil the pasta as it's described on the label.

In a large teflon/non-sticky pan, start frying the peppers with some olive oil. Then add the eggplant that you've cut in whichever shape you wish. Once they are fried enough, add balsamico, soya sauce, onions and sugar. Let it absorbe and caramelize. Then add the cabbage and tomatoes. Finally add the spices and the garlic in small pieces. In the end, add as much peanuts as you want.

When you decide the sauce is ready, mix it with pasta&enjoy.

Any fruit for dessert. Yummy.

6 Mayıs 2012 Pazar

El işleri, yemek tarifleri, kendiniz yapabileceğiniz ufak şeyler paylaştığım Facebook sayfam burada: http://www.facebook.com/DIYKendinYap 

Daha yeni açtığım için pek bir şey yok, ama zamanla içeriği zenginleştireceğim. Beğenirseniz çok sevinirim, ne kadar çok like, o kadar reklam, bana da yeni içerik göndermek için o kadar sebep!

27 Nisan 2012 Cuma

The ego is not master in its own house.
S. Freud

1 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Aşk, mutluluk ve erkekler üzerine küçük bir chat:

lan gene mutluluk yok görüyo musun
belki de mutluluk yoktur
zayıf da olsan, şişman da olsan, güzel de olsan, çirkin de olsan, zengin de olsan, fakir de olsan
olmadı mı olmuyordur
ay ben böyle mutluyum
inan kı
"inan kı"
ben yalnızca sevdiğim erkeğin yanında mutluyum, o da bazen
sevdiğim erkeğin
ve sevdiğim insanların
sevdiğin erkeği sikeyim 
sadece erkek değil
kaç tane senin sevdiğin erkek
yakalasam ben sikecem

1 Mart 2012 Perşembe

El emeği göz nuru işlerimi paylaştığım/sattığım yeni blog'um:

Ne zamandır kafamda hobi olarak yaptığım şeyleri satma fikri vardı, zira sürekli yenisini, daha fazlasını yapmak istiyorum, ama hem bu kadar şeyi atacak satacak yerim yok, hem de hobiler için de bir bütçe lazım tabi.

Ben de el yapımı sabunlarımı satmakla başladım işe, bakalım isteyen olacak mı? :)

Yaptığım, yapacağım resim, heykelcik, el işi zımbırtılarını da yavaş yavaş ekleyeceğim siteye.


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